Saturday, 12 November 2011

Men and their 'garage caves'

I 'cheated' this week, logged a job on #LOGAJOB and paid someone to come and do a quick clean for two hours because I'm just pressed for time and quite frankly, presented with the option of housework, office work or fetching and carrying the kids, I'd far rather do any other chore before housework. I returned to a home smelling of Janola and looking lovely and even though the little piles everywhere were now 'neat' jumbled piles, my day felt less chaotic because it looked organised (I knew better but still.......I digress). This clarified something for me. On a recent 'public holiday', I used the time to go for a lovely long run around the suburbs. I was so surprised to see how many garage doors were open and how many men were organising and sorting and cleaning and just happily spending time in their garages and all looking so content. What is the lure to the garage??
  It's purely that feeling that I had when I returned to the house, it's a place where they can feel 'organised'. Everything's in it's little place in a little box, next to a little bottle that is screwed tightly shut. Unlike upstairs where chaos and kids and squashed boxes and open bottles with lost lids resume. I now understand that feeling of contentment they must have in their garages, I only wish they'd find this compulsive tidying habit in and around the rest of the house but somehow kids clothes, dirty dishes and grocery unpacking don't have the same pull as screws and nuts and tape measures. I do kind of understand it a bit better now but perhaps if you feel the need to retidy it AGAIN the next public holiday, why stop at the garage, do the whole house so after a lovely day on the beach, the kids and I can come home to organisation for 10 minutes before the chaos of the week begins again.

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